Vanish like dust and disappear


I've allways thought I knew what to think,
what to do and what to say.
Though I never really did all that I should,
but at least I had a clue.
Now I stare out the window looking for answers I thought I had.
Here is the point where questions are needed to learn something new.
Here is the point where it could either go perfectly right, or terribly wrong.
Here is the point where last time went terribly wrong.
I wonder am I still that strong?
Can I risk my heart once more?
Maybe some things are better left unknown.
But I guess I'll find out sooner or later some how.
Maybe it's just not My turn to ask the questions this time.
Maybe I need to be more patience.
Patience is the answer.
But not the cure.
I'll hold on for your question.
But please ask me soon, or I will tear apart,
from the inside of my heart,
till the tip of my fingers.
Vanish like dust,
and disappear.